Since this is my first 10 on 10 I thought it polite to introduce myself.

As my hero once said my name is Martin Giles and people call me Martin Giles. I guess God make me an Englishman at birth but living in Sweden are so many years I have now turned into something Swenglish.

10 on 10 what a totally awesome idea. Describing your day using 10 photos, on the 10th of the month. How lucky and humble I feel that my first 10 on 10 should fall on a Monday. Mondays always seem a busy day for me, I’m not like the old 80’s band the boomtown rats… I actually do like Monday’s a fresh week, a new start. So please do me the honor and follow me through my 10 on 10. I would like any feedback possible please, I do need it believe me. I also hope I have been able to introduce a little Swedish culture in today’s 10 on 10 as well.


The start of the Monday morning is basically the same as most mornings, coffee coffee coffee what a beautiful word in the morning. I do enjoy my morning coffee sometimes I wonder if I could make coffee in my sleep. Unfortunately I’m not a great sleeper so coffee can be at all different times of the morning but I do try and make it around 7 o’clock.


While I’m drinking my first coffee I’m also reading my first emails of the day. I have friends from all over the world so I get email arriving all different times of the day, so this is a ideal time to sit down and sort through the first incoming. Then it’s time for my second cup of coffee and get in touch with my best friend Randy, Having a best mate in Richland WA might seem a tad awkward but actually it’s quite good we get to talk to each other twice today on face time its like being in the same room sometimes, we can be working and not speak for half an hour but still stay on-line.


Another chore on Monday mornings is to go out and pay the parking fee for the week. Living in the middle of the city has its pros and cons, one of the pros is that you are close to everything one of the cons you have to pay parking charges I pay on a weekly basis it cost me about $10 a week so it’s not too bad.


I have a doctors appointment at 1 o’clock so that will give me enough time to fix my medicines for the week and to have a spot of lunch.


I thought instead of just taking a photograph of a sandwich or a bowl of soup even an omelette I’ld show you the inside of my refrigerator instead, this is basically what Swedish people have in their fridge.


Today 10 on 10 Monday falls on the day I have to go and see my cancer doctor I have multiple myeloma which is a bone marrow cancer, I was diagnosed back in 2010 and since then I have had a stem cell transplantation which was very successful and I have been in remission now for two years.  I have to go back to my doctor every eight weeks for some blood tests and to see if the cancer is still behaving its self… Good news it’s still in remission and I don’t have to go back until the end of April.


Often on Mondays I pick Rebecca my daughter up from college and we go to my sons apartment and have dinner and hang out with them for a few hours until my grandson Theodor has a shower and goes off to bed.

This is the thing that Theodor loves most in life is a shower. You only have to say the word shower to him and his in the bathroom like a flash standing waiting still as a soldier on point duty. One thing is to sure it isn’t often you see a little boy who will shampoo’s own hair. Ever since he was baby he has loved water.

She loves her nephew he loves his auntie.

Thank you for following me through my First 10 on 10 I have really enjoyed taking part. Please have a look through the links that follow at some of the other people who participate in this great project .

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